ICONC 2019 Welcome Message

        Dear colleagues and guests,

        On behalf of the organizing committee and Suranaree University of Technology, the hosting institution, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Nakhon Ratchasima or Korat, Thailand, for the 2nd International Conference on Native Chicken 2019 (ICONC 2019), which is under the theme of “New Technology for Innovation and Synchrotron Applications”. Native and crossbred chickens are classified as ‘Slow-growing Chicken’ which is becoming increasingly popular in the consumer trend. They are also in the ‘Blue Ocean’ opportunity since their meat has a good texture and great flavor. Moreover, with their fitness and ability to adapt and utilize low quality feeds, these chickens require low investment in farming, which is an occupation considered suitable for small-scale farmers. Then, a step towards the sustainable development goals can be achieved.

        The aims of this conference are for the participants to share, learn, and keep themselves updated with the new knowledge and technology related to the production of these chickens. It also aims to improve the potential of the new generation of researchers who will have to the main role in the development of this research field. Besides, the participants can foster and establish strong local and international collaboration for future research. Ultimately, we hope that the outcomes from the conference will empower the chicken industries and enable them to start the new S Curve for sustainable development in the near future.

        We look forward to welcoming you all to this stimulating and enjoyable ICON 2019 Conference in the vibrant, beautiful, and multicultural city of Korat.

Associate Professor Dr. Amonrat Molee

On behalf of the ICONC 2019 Organizing Committee